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Machine CNC metal processing

Our employees have many years of experience with professional and responsible work, which helps to ensure high-quality products by achieving the required tolerances.
We offer manufacturing and repair of tools for the processing of plastics, punching tools according to your design or ours.

We also offer CNC metal processing on two machining centers, CNC cycle lathe, wire and plunge erosion services, surface grinding.


Milling Center Bridgeport Interact 520

530x400x480mm  (x-y-z)

Controller: Heidenhain TNC 155
Spindle speed: 4 000 rpm

Year of manufacture: 1987

Milling center HartFord S-Plus 10

1020x520x550mm  (x-y-z)

Controller: Heidenhain TNC 620
Spindle speed: 12000 rpm
Max weight: 700kg

Year of manufacture: 2017

Equipment: cooling through the spindle (water/air), additional 4th axis

Cyclic lathe Boehringer VDF DUS 560

560x1500mm  (x-z)

Year of manufacture: 1995

Penetration erosion BES SL 43-3

390x290x300mm  (x-y-z)

Punching: fi 0.4 u2013 4 mm
Max. deept punching: 200mm
Max table load 200kg

Year of manufacture: 2010
Controller HeidenHain TNC 124

Wire erosion SPM e-Zcut EDM EZ10S

350x250x230mm  (x-y-z)

4-axis cutting:
U,V = 100mm (max 20u00b0)

Year of manufacture: 2012
Max weight: 200kg

Wire erosion SPM e-Zcut EDM EZ40S

800x500x320mm  (x-y-z)

4-axis cutting:
U,V = 100mm (max 20u00b0)

Year of manufacture: 2013
Max weight: 1500kg

Submersible Erosion EXERON 313

620x420x400mm  (x-y-z)

Table size: 1000x600
Max weight: 1500kg

Year of manufacture: 2004

Grinding machine ELB

600x300x400mm  (x-y-z)

Year of manufacture: 1985

Thread cutting arm THORPMCT M36

M3 u2013 M36

Thread size: M3 u2013 M36

Year of manufacture: 2021



We use the SOLID EDGE program, we support all standard file formats (.step, .iges, .dxf, .dwg, ...)


We use Solid Edge CAM Pro for milling 
We use QAPT for wire erosion and punching


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