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In the company GROPLAST d.o.o. we have defined and adopted a company policy that combines the quality policy, the environmental policy and the occupational health and safety policy as an integral part of the quality policy
Our work is guided by our core values, namely:
u2022 integrity and ethics as well as impartiality and independence,

u2022 meeting the expectations of our clients,

u2022 we are responsible for our work, we constantly invest in knowledge and take care of the development of employees' competencies,

u2022 we constantly improve processes, technology, products and services,

u2022 we take care of ensuring the quality of processes, products and services by setting measurable goals,

u2022 we provide adequate resources that enable the achievement of goals and the implementation of the quality policy,

u2022 we take into account the initiatives and ideas of all interested parties,

u2022 effective processes and continuous improvements in all areas of our operation

u2022 we follow the requirements of the standards and other legal requirements in the field of our work and safety and health at work.

We guarantee and fulfill the ISO 9001 standard:


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